Obstacle Course

$600.00 / day

Three section obstacle course creates lots of fun. Riders enter the arches from a standing position dodging obstacles and pop ups, crawling and hustling through tubes, squeezing around walls, climbing as fast as possible up the rocks then slide feet first down the other slide and again start crawling through the crawl tubes, and exit off the ride. First one to the finish line wins or create a tag team to the finish line.





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3 Section Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental for an Extreme Fun Party


38ft L x 14’W x 10’H
Utility and Tree Safety Zone 20’
Requires two blowers
Operating use no wind speed higher than 15 mph


Safety Rules

1. Individual weight limit of 250lbs
2. Players must be at least 42 inches tall to ride.
3. Waiting riders should stand at least 3ft (1m) from the entrance of the ride.
4. Running to enter the ride is not permitted. 3. Enter the ride head first is only allowed from a standing position
5. Do not allow the riders to stand up and run off the ride.
6. Do not allow somersaults or back flips anywhere on the ride.
7. Do not wear shoes on the ride. Remove any hard or sharp objects such as pens, buckles, jewelry, hair clips, etc. Glasses are best removed also.
8. No gum or wearing face paint allowed.
9. Do not allow riders to deliberately collide with one another.
10. At least two adult operator shall be on duty at all times the unit is being used
11. Please refer to the safety label on the inflatable for the minimum Height and Max weight require ments.
12. Make sure there always be same age group or height group play the unit at one time
13. If the ride becomes wet, dry the wet area before continuing use.
14. If the power fails, assist the riders off the unit immediately and do not allow them to re-enter until power is restored and the ride is fully inflated again.


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