Be a Rock Star with the Best Girl’s Birthday Party Themes

No matter if your daughter or granddaughter is two or already a teenager; you can find some of the hottest birthday party themes and give them a big day that they won’t forget any time soon.

If you want to have a special party for your special gal, it takes a bit of effort past just having a theme on the cake, plates and napkins. Learn how to make the best party items yourself and really dial it up a notch.

Girls Age 2 to 4

Girls at this age group like things with princesses, ballerinas and girly themes as they can imagine being the main character from their favorite movie.

Frozen Party

You can never go wrong with a parry theme of Frozen. Instead of an actual large birthday cake, consider making cupcakes and frosting them with blue icing. You can also secure some Frozen stickers and place a lollipop stick between two stickers, then put one in each cupcake for your desert table.

Mix up a large container of blue Kool-Aid to serve to the kids or blue Hawaiian punch. Put it in a dispenser, but make sure an adult serves the drinks, as blue food coloring can stain pretty badly. Make blue Jello and cut it in cubes to add to the punch for “ice cubes.”

Make Olaf noses and display them on a plate. This one is super simple. Just put an orange candy of any type that is soft such as larger jellybeans or fruit chews in the hole in the center of the mini donuts.

Have a bowl of frozen grapes on your table. They are a nutritious snack and taste great too. Put some “snowballs” in a bowl–also known as mini marshmallows.

Get a Frozen coloring book and separate the pages so each child can create their own party favor with crayons.

Pretty as a Princess Party

Even at this young age, your little princess will realize that all princesses love the great outdoors and nature. Consider having an outdoor princess party with a princess party bounce house to make all the guests jump with delight. You can add an entire princess party package with dresses, makeup, jewelry, tables and chairs, table skirts, a bubble machine for magic and a cotton candy machine for all the princesses. This will definitely make you the queen and king of the party.

Under the Sea Little Mermaid Party

Make a magical Little Mermaid party with lots of aqua, purple and pink decorations. You can hang a line of streamers in these colors to use as a background for pictures when guests arrive. Have some props on hand like printed starfish, sea horses and crabs along with a few colorful pettiskirts, pom poms and don’t forget pirate swords and patches for the boys. Each guest can be sent a digital photo on his or her parent’s phone to have as a keepsake.

For snacks, melt caramel and dip apples in it, then press a candy cake decoration of a fish onto the caramel. Push sticks into them through the core and place them on a plate.

For an extra special party favor, get some plastic fish bowls with lids (make sure the lids have a hole in the top) and put a goldfish in each one. When the children are ready to leave, they can pick a goldfish of their choice.

Girls Age 5 to 8

Girls at this age still like to feel pretty and dress up, but also are finding their adventurous side.

Dora the Explorer Party

Have a great scavenger hunt for a Dora the explorer party idea. Hide the cake candles, balloons and party favors before the party starts and guests arrive. Put clues all around the party area so that one clue leads to the next. You can state that the kids have to perform a task before you give them the next clue, like build a tower of Legos or sing a nursery rhyme. You can separate areas to make it easier for the children. Hang wrapped candies in a tree for “sugar tree,” put large lollipops in the yard for “lollipop forest” and decorate an area in blue for “shinning lake.”

When the guests arrive ask where some of the missing items are and tell them “Swiper” took them and they have to follow clues to find them. Can’t have cake without candles now can you?

Hello Kitty Party

You can make a memorable Hello Kitty party with many party ideas. Serve pink lemonade in clear glasses each with a Hello Kitty straw for a keepsake.

Celebrate Hello Kitty colors of pink, white and lavender with fruit or berry smoothies. Pick up a Hello Kitty cookie cutter and make sandwiches then press the cookie cutter in it for a great themed sandwich.

Use a Hello Kitty vegetable cutter to cut up some healthy treats for the little veggies at the party.

Girls Age 8 to 12

At the preteen age, girls want to help plan a party, decide who to invite and what activities will be there. It’s best to let them help when you plan their birthday party.

Luau Party

Pick up some inexpensive grass skirts and attach a variety of silk flowers to them with hot glue. The grass skirts work for both the boys and the girls at the birthday party. Some flower leis make great party favors.

Decorate your outdoor area with tiki torches and large ginger palm leaves. Include luau decorations such as a hula man and lady.

Great food choices include BBQ sausage in a Polynesian sauce or meatballs in the same sauce. Consider making an erupting volcano cake. Make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that contains red food coloring in vanilla pudding in the middle. Pineapple salsa and chips make a great appetizer for a luau. Hawaiian lemonade is a favorite of kids especially in glasses wrapped with paper and an umbrella straw.

Great choices of party games are to do the limbo and hula dance.

Sleepover Birthday Party

Pre-teens want to experience togetherness and fun at the same time. Start your sleepover birthday party with a game of Twister outside–but for a twist–put colored whipped topping on the colored circles. It all washes off outside in the garden hose.

You can gift each of the girls a matching PJ set and offer a photo booth of sorts with dress up items and take pictures of them together making funny faces.

Transform your living room into a fort with sheets hung from the ceilings and down the sides of the room. Ask the girls to bring their favorite movies, make popcorn and offer different toppings for it and let them watch movies.

Hang mason jars painted with glow in the dark paint along strings in the fort so they will have beautiful glowing light to sleep by.


Most teenagers think they are too old for a themed party, however in addition to the cake, ice cream and brightly colored decorations, there are several great ideas you can try.

Pizza Party

You can have a mini pizza party. Place all the items on a table and let the kids assemble their own mini pizzas. Use English muffins split in half, pizza sauce and all the toppings of pepperoni, different types of shredded cheeses, vegetables and other assorted meats such as ham, bacon, hamburger. Let each make their own pizza, place them on a baking sheet and cook them all at once.

Ice Cream Buffet

Let the kids make their own ice cream treats. Provide bowls, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream with scoops. Set out chocolate, strawberry and caramel toppings along with assorted small candies, bananas, cookies and sprinkles. And don’t forget the whipped cream and cherries.

Cake Decorating Party

Make miniature cakes in both vanilla and chocolate in advance of the party. Provide pastry bags with all the assorted tips. Let the girls make a large batch of icing and color it in individual bowls. They can fill the pastry bags and experiment with different frosting tips to make exciting designs. You can also do this on a much smaller scale with cupcakes for the younger teenagers instead.

These fabulous ideas for girl’s birthday parties will make your princess shine no matter what her age is. She and her guests will remember a great party all the way until the next year.

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